We have afterschool programs at our Medford Club and our Somerville-Healey Club. Everyday after school, our Clubs provide education, prevention, and recreation programs in five key areas:


Character & Citizenship programs help youth become responsible, caring citizens and acquire skills for participating in the democratic process.
Youth of the Year – Annual Club member recognition program that honors members who have demonstrated good character, leadership, and service.
Rob Squad/Adventure Club – Outdoor exploration and leadership program.

Education & Career Development programs help youth improve and maintain academic performance, nurture a positive attitude towards learning and school, and aim for successful high school graduation with a solid plan for “life after high school”.
Power Hour – Daily homework help and tutoring.
Junior Staff – Teens work at the Club to learn responsibility and be positive role models.

Health & Life Skills programs engage youth in positive behaviors that nurture their well being and offer guidance and support needed to assist in their growth and development.
Healthy Habits – Nutrition education program using cooking and taste tests.
Girls Group & Boys Group – Gender-specific groups offer support and guidance.

The Arts programs develop youth’s self-expression, creativity, and cultural awareness through participation, learning, and exposure to the visual, performing, and literary arts.
Video Club – Youth learn how to shoot and edit short videos about the Club.
Canvas Club – Hands-on program for youth to learn how to paint on canvas.

Sports, Fitness & Recreation programs help youth to develop healthy lifestyles, a positive use of leisure time, reduction of stress, and appreciation for the environment.
Running Club – Running activities and 5Ks for youth of all ages and abilities.
Girls Fitness – Girls-only fitness activities such as Zumba and dance.