healey-club-2Somerville-Healey Club

Arthur D. Healey School
5 Meacham Street
Somerville, MA 02145

Located within the Arthur D. Healey School and only for Healey students, siblings of Healey students, and/or youth from the neighborhood surrounding the school.

Phone: 617-684-5563
E-mail: dmijares@bgcms.org

Director: David Mijares

Monday – Friday, End of school day – 6pm
Follows the Somerville Public Schools calendar

6 years old – 8th grade
Must be a Healey student, sibling of a Healey student, and/or a resident of a neighboring  Housing Development.
Kindergarten students MUST be 6 to become a member
Annual Fee: $30 per child, per school year


Programs at this location: